ACCA考试时间 怎么分配?考场不慌拿高分!

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ACCA考试时间有3个来小时,ACCA考试时间 如何分配非常重要!直接决定了很多临阵磨枪的同学是50还是49!ACCA考前冲刺资料,戳:ACCA内部讲义+冲刺押题资料&音频【限时有效领取】





1. Leaving questions unanswered is a big no-no


One mistake students tend to make is spending lots of time answering the first few questions of the exam and ending up having no time for the last few.


Unanswered questions are earning you zero marks. Also, the questions answered with unnecessary details will bombard the examiner with so much information, that the required content might be lost. As a result, the examiner could award you a lower mark than what you initially expected.


My advice would be to stick to the point without making your answers uncomfortable for the examiners to go through.


2. Utilize time while you still have it


Did you know you can write on your question booklet during the Reading and Planning Time? This is 15 minutes given just prior to the start of the exam.


I have seen students wasting these precious 15 minutes going through the entire booklet. Have a quick look through all your questions in the first 5 minutes, and then start jotting down the points to the question that you’re going to begin with.


By the end of the 15-minutes, you should have enough ideas jotted down to answer the first question well in time.


3. Quality of discussion prevails over presentation


Some students love stretching end lines after each answer. Some even draw borders for their booklets to look presentable. If you too follow the same strategy, chances are you are losing valuable marks.


Instead of making them look neat, make your answers initiate a more fruitful discussion with the examiner. Keep checking your clock while thinking of various possibilities as you answer. Soon as the time ends, move to the next part.


This will ensure that you have fulfilled the basic requirements of the question. It will also show that you tried scoring professional marks by walking the extra mile, therefore increasing your chances of success.




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