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acca专门的题库是没有的,但是今天 小编整理了一份acca f1 题库的例题类型给大家讲解一下。    


1)Which of the following are substantive tests used in the context of external audit of financial accounts?    

A To establish whether a figure is correct    B To investigate why a figure is incorrect    C To assess whether a figure should be included    D To determine why a figure is excluded    

2)The following are four styles of management identified by Blake and Mouton:    

1.Team    2.Middle of the road    3.Country club    4.Authoritarian    

3)Which of the following are the most task efficient managerial styles as suggested by Blake and Mouton?    

A 1 and 3    B 2 and 4    C 1 and 4    D 2 and 3    

4) In relation to the management of conflict,which of the following approaches will maximise the prospect of consensus?    

A Acceptance    B Negotiation    C Avoidance    D Assertiveness    

5)Darragh has been appointed to the management team of a professional football club.His role includes coaching,mentoring and counselling young players who have just signed contracts with the club for the first time.    The following are his main activities:    

1 Helping the young players to settle in during their first week    

2 Identifying each player's key skills and encouraging them to develop new skills    

3 Advising the players on addressing personal issues,such as managing their finances    

4 Helping the players to anticipate opponents'reactions    

6)Which of the following matches the correct role to carry out in each of the four activities?    A 1.Mentor 2.Counsellor 3.Coach 4.Counsellor    B 1.Mentor 2.Coach 3.Counsellor 4.Coach    C 1.Mentor 2.Coach 3.Counsellor 4.Mentor    D 1.Counsellor 2.Mentor 3.Coach 4.Counsellor    7) According to Mendelow which group of stakeholders must companies keep satisfied?    

A Those with little power and little interest in the company    

B Those with a high level of power but little interest in the company    

C Those with little power but a high level of interest in the company    

D Those with a high level of power and a high level of interest in the company    

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